Advocate Tribhuwen K. Kaushik has established an excellent reputation for his integrity and value-based proactive, pragmatic and innovative legal advice and his ability to help clients effectively traverse the complicated legal and regulatory regime in India. He is an experienced Advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the judiciary industry. He is also a published author for "First Generation Lawyer" a book for the new bud lawyers.

Advocate Tribhuwen K. Kaushik is a veteran legal professional, who is trusted to be the most reliable CBI and EOW Cases Lawyer in Delhi & Mumbai. His cost-effective legal consultancy is capable enough to make a difference.

Advocate Tribhuwen K. Kaushik is counted as the Best Lawyer for Financial Scams in India for many clients engaged in solving fraud cases ranging from high profile to a challenging one. He goes till the depth of a case that automatically gets reflected in an obtained result of services. He comprised a team of skilled & knowledgeable advocates & legal advisors where everyone is best in all form of cases in order to deliver legal supports to their clients.

SFIO (Serious Fraud Investigation Office) is a statuary corporate fraud investigative agency in India, and it handles a lot of cases every year. Advocate Tribhuwen K. Kaushik  has come a long way, and he is also known as one of the Best Lawyer for SFIO in India. He helps clients according to the legal framework under section 211 of the companies’ act 2013. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced and leaves no room for mistakes.

Advocate Tribhuwen K. Kaushik has earned a name as the Best Lawyer for Economic Offences (EOW) as he is offering his expert legal services to all who are caught up in these cases. He holds a renowned name in this sector, as he never fails to render high-quality legal advice.

He is well-reckoned about modern technologies and keeps himself updated according to the change in IT. He has a high success rate, and with the years of experience in this domain, he never failed to render up to the mark legal assistance. This is the reason why he is the Best Lawyer for Economic Offences (EOW) .

NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act), 1985 is a rule, which prohibits an individual to manufacture, produce, sell, purchase, or consume drugs. This is the act of the Parliament of India, and when a person is stuck in a narcotic case, then there is a requirement for the Best lawyers for NDPS in India, and advocate Tribhuwen K. Kaushik is one of the best lawyers in the practice because he handles all the high-end cases with his expertise. The narcotic cases have 10 years to 20 years of jail if proven guilty.

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